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Automotive Locksmith Services


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We Make Keys For New Vehicles With Transponder Systems

Keys Originated - Keys Programed - Extra Keys Cut & Programed


We provide a wide range of Automotive lock work including

Making new keys if yours are lost or stolen

We can come to you and originate a new working key and provide all the special key programing that is needed. A-1 Mobile Lock and Key is the Jefferson City Locksmith to call for all your auto lock needs.

Replacing worn or damaged locksJefferson-City-locksmith-auto-lock-300x165

Many times a car lock can get worn or damaged over time and the more it gets worn your key will start to jam up and at some point will quit working. We will replace or repair the lock getting it back to like new condition and cut a new key if needed as well so you have a well working lock system.

We can make and program so called "Dealer Only Keys"

Its many times called a Dealer key or a key you must get from a car dealer. Not only can we cut and program this kind of key we stock them and cut and program them for many car dealers in the area. We have one of the largest supply of auto keys in the area including hard to find keys for both new and older cars.

Car Lock Out Service

Have you locked your keys in the car? We can get you back in fast and safe with out any damage or scratching to your car.

Re-Key locks to new keys

For security reasons like a bad divorce, Lost or stolen keys or needing to re-key a car or a fleet of cars to a new key we can do it.

Take out broken off keys

We get many calls from customers that have broke off keys. If it is in the door or in the Ignition we can remove the key and make you a new one and repair any damage that may of incurred.

Cut you new keys if yours are worn out

As a key gets worn it will start to stop working you may need to juggle it to get your car to start and at some point it will just no longer work. We can cut you a new working key and do any programing needed for the key to work in your car.

New and used car remotes+programming+batteries

Lost or broke your remote? or maybe your car did not come with on. We stock a wide range of car remotes and can provide all the programing to get your new remote working for your car. We also stock remote battery's.

New and used remote head keys

Many newer cars use remote head keys in that the key has the remote functions built into the key or as part of a flip out key. We have them in stock ready for . We can cut and program both the key and the remote features into your car. Call  A-1 Mobile Lock and Key your Jefferson City Locksmith.


The Following Is A Partial List Of Security Systems On Vehicles That We Can Make Keys For...

• Securilock Keys (Ford, Lincoln)

• Immobilizer Keys

• Sidewinder Keys (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes)

• Ford Passive Anti Theft System (PATS)

• General Motors Vehicle Anti Theft System (VATS)

• Lexus, Toyota, Honda, ETC



We can make you new keys and do the Re-flashing work that is needed...

All Our Work Is Work is 100% Guaranteed

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